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STEM Engineers without Borders Challenge

In building a structure that would survive an earthquake, students had to thoroughly understand what happens during the events. 

Mr. Gruden’s STEM students finished their final prototype of the structural design of a building for Engineers without Borders. Students discovered that many areas of the world are impacted differently with regard to magnitude and type of earthquakes. Some of the areas of the world that was researched included the South Pacific; Japan/China; US West Coast, and the Mediterranean.  Structures were made to resemble real buildings with insulation, electrical, and plumbing features. The students’ work included a cost analysis for this project, with the understanding of elements required for an efficient building. A design challenge was offered.  Students tested their building construction against other student designs.  In order to win, students had to sell the design to their instructor, who was acting as a representative of the organization, Engineers without Borders.