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STEM Magnet Academy of Pointe Coupee added the LSU Introduction to Biomedical pathway to its curriculum this year. Through careful and intentional exposure to scientific writing, presentations, and hands-on team projects, students build critical scientific literacy skills and mature their oral and written communication skills to prepare them for studies at the university level or entry into the biomedical workplace.

Recently, students created bikes in teams of 3 to 4. Students had 15 minutes to complete the task and were only allowed non-verbal communication with their teammates as they worked. This activity prompted students to find creative ways to communicate with one another to work together as a team to create a single finished product.

Another activity in the course focused on professional ethics. This lesson required students to put on skits about ethical dilemmas and the ability (or inability) to make correct decisions based on personal morals and professional codes. The student-created skits included topics such as favoritism, drunk driving, and politics. Students were very creative!