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STEM Gift Guide 2019

Parents often ask us for recommendations on STEM toys. Below is a list of items of recommended items. All items come with easy to read instructions will make it simple for you to experience the joy of explorative learning with your child. Also, none of these items contain hundreds of tiny pieces that will get scattered throughout your home.

Makey Makey


Why do we like it? The Makey Makey allows students to turn objects such as Play-Doh or bananas into musical instruments, game controllers, and much more. It is very simple to use and has endless possibilities. Students will not become easily frustrated or bored with this item.

How much does it cost? $49.95

Where to buy it? Amazon, Walmart,



magnetWhy do we like it? can’t contain their excitement in the presence of magnets. This is a great stocking stuffer that will allow students to explore the world of magnets. 

How much does it cost? $5+

Where to buy it? Anywhere! 



snap circuitsWhy do we like it? Kids can construct working models of a photo sensor, a flashing light, an Adjustable-Volume siren and much more! This stem kit comes with a clear, easy to understand illustrated instruction manual. There are several different kits designed to appeal to a variety of skill levels.

How much does it cost? $20-$100

Where to buy it? Amazon, Walmart, Target



cubelets 600Why do we like it? Cubelets are magnet cubes that form a robot when snapped together. Kids design Every unique arrangement is a new robot with novel behaviors emerging from the construction.


How much does it cost? $140+

Where to buy it? Amazon, Walmart, Target


Science Kits from

science kitWhy do we like it? has a plethora of science kits that will appeal surely satisfy whatever your child is curious about! Kits start at $4 and are much better than the “STEM” toys typically found at Walmart and Target.

How much does it cost? Kits start at $4! 


Where to buy it?

Here are a few favorites from Home Science Tools:


Math Prodigy Premium Subscription

prodigyWhy do we like it? A Premium Membership unlocks extra in-game features, benefits, and rewards. These features are highly motivating to students. Your child will WANT to practice their math skills with this subscription.


How much does it cost? About $50/year


Where to buy it?


What about Chromebooks?

Lots of parents ask which Chromebook to purchase for students. We really don’t recommend a particular brand. We only recommend trying to find a Chromebook with an Intel Processor. Chromebooks can vary greatly in price. Students do not need a $500+ device. Most devices within the $200 range will be perfectly fine.

Also, be mindful of the expiration date of the Chromebook. Sometimes devices that appear to be great deals are close to losing their ability to receive updates from Google. You will want to purchase a device that will receive updates for the next 4-5 years. Your Chromebook will function after the expiration date, but you may begin to experience compatibility issues and will not receive security updates from Google. Check the expiration date for the Chromebook you want to purchase by clicking here.

Below are a few models you may want to consider.